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3D Digitalisation and Surface Reconstruction in Highest Quality

Fagus can offer the following services with the help of its extensive hardware and software, e.g. ATOS System Freeform, Cimatron, Rhinoceros, Unigraphics:

3D digitalisation

Work pieces can be transformed into digital object in the fringe projection method with the ATOS System.

Detailed, dimensionally accurate point clouds are obtained as basis for further processing in CAD. Triangulated surface models can be generated from that. The measurement data are then available as ASCII point clouds or as STL data sets.    

Reverse Engineering

We are in a position to create high quality NURBS surface models within a very short time from the point clouds or the triangulation nets.

We can provide data in all current formats, such as IGES, STEP, OBJ, 3DM that are required for further steps in the process.


Fagus offers generation and editing of curve, surface and volume data of 2 and 3D applications.