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Shoe Lasts from Fagus

Up to date with respect to fit, fashion and technology

Fagus® plastic lasts are fabricated from high density PE to withstand the footwear production process for a long time. As the blank production also takes place in-house, Fagus® controls the material quality at all times. 

To meet the requirements of various manufacturing methods, all lasts can be manufactured without metal and with a metal sheathing (full, instep or heel). This can also be provided with lasting notch holes in the following dimensions (diameter, round: 11, 15 and 22 mm; diameter, oval: 25 x 12 mm). 

The lasts require a sleeve to insert the lasts on the lasting pins. The sleeve diameter is 12mm standard. For lasts for small children, the diameter can be reduced to 10mm due to the narrower last neck. The sleeves can be drilled through on the bottom for screwing the heel.