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Automation Lasts Made of Plastic

Milled Fagus® lasts are used for highest accuracy.

Milled lasts are used for highest accuracy. They are fabricated on 3 and 5-axis milling machines during a complete machining, including the toe and heel. The advantages due to a high production line precision are a high accuracy of fit between the lasts and the moulded form, and the ideal use of automation lines with the use of robots.

Fagus® complies with the customer-specific requirements for the design, e.g. with labelling, plastic base, grooves, edge milling and toe indentation. We have extensive experience working with DESMA amir® System, ACTIS - and Robert System designs.

DESMA amir®

amir® stands for automated material flow with integrated robots. This automation concept developed by DESMA consists of a transportation system with hot and cool tunnels and multiple robots.