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Direct Injection Lasts Made of Plastic

The complete shoe is fabricated with only one last

Fagus® has developed a last design, whereby the total fabrication of the shoe can be carried out on a single last. Compared with aluminium lasts, this offers many advantages for shoe manufacturers using direct injection machines:  

The direct soling lasts have a 6 mm thick metal plate on the top edge, where the lasts can be grasped by the last mounting point on the circulator, or can be picked up by a robot or by a relasting and delasting machine. Individual, customer-specific requirements for design are taken into consideration, e.g. with labelling, plastic base, grooves, edge milling and toe indentation. 

A rubber lip in the sealing frame serves to balance different upper strengths, or bottom grooves can be used for forming a logo or a special bottom contour on all last variants.